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 Things have been kinda mixed up lately, but they seem to be… - bergamot and vetiver
run through my head and fall away
 Things have been kinda mixed up lately, but they seem to be straightening out. Thanks to everyone, that knew, for their prayers or thoughts for Teddy. He had his surgery last week and seems to be doing okay. A friend of a friend pretty much owns the biopsy lab, so his results are on the fast track. Everyone cross their fingers that it isn't cancer!

On the job front...I started a new job (finally!) at Allstate, but Safeco wanted to interview me. I had to take a 3k+ pay cut for the job at Allstate, but you do what you have to do. After interviewing with Safeco today, they offered me a better job than the Allstate position and about 2k more than i made when i left! so that worked out well.

Now I have to drive to Tenn this weekend to pick up my mom and come home. Luckily I get to drive her car and not my lame Saturn! lol AND the dogs get to come with me! lol

With the new Safeco job, I can really look forward to moving back downtown! A roommate may not be out of the question, not sure yet. Let me know if anyone has any prospects!


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