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random - bergamot and vetiver
run through my head and fall away
okay. i haven't been here regularly for awhile. lol
i got my new uber computer from Dell. it is cool. me loves it lots. I got my CS2 and Macromedia Studio 8 installed. woohoo!

have i mentioned the 24 inch monitor? i love it as well. i find myself looking at the 30 in monitors with a scary amount of longing. lol

anyway. life is rolling along. Settled into the new place pretty well. in my infinite ability to procrastinate, there are still boxes of things in the garage that need to be unpacked and haven't. Seriously, if there is a box with like 15 pairs of shoes out there, and i haven't missed them, were they needed in the first place?!

Been hanging out a little more with Bill. This makes me really happy. I just hope he doesn't get a job in chicago or some other crap like that. i hope to have him along with me at Big Dave and Crazy Sandy's house for 31st birthday cookout.  I hope he can make it. Justin has been causing the usual issues, but it doesn't bother me anymore. he chose his life and I have my own to lead. I have also been talking with and hanging out with Kraig a lot more. He is fun. We hang out like we never did when he was dating Shaun. I mean, i love Shaun and all and am glad he is happy with the new guy (that i have yet to meet!) but Kraig is a lot more crazy and off the wall when he is unhitched! lol

Summer semester was good. B's in both classes. I am looking forward to this fall semester. I am really liking my Photoshop experience and all. I find it very interesting.

anyway...other than people getting eliminated errr...sorry "laid off" at every turn at work, life is going well.

i hope it continues to!

I'm feeling: calm calm
I'm listening to: WTTS 92.3 FM

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